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Unveiling Brilliance: A Journey of Changing Perspectives: 

I am Komal Ghulam Rasool, a teacher at SKZ Model School. I have done my masters in History from Punjab University and my quest for teaching brought me to SKZ.  It all began with a serendipitous encounter—a twist of fate that led me to the doors of SKZ Model School, where my journey as a teacher and a catalyst for change unfolded. Little did I know that this would mark the beginning of a transformative odyssey, both for myself and the slum children whose lives I would touch. 

Two months prior to my joining, I nervously embarked on a trial at SKZ Model School. The familiar corridors welcomed me with open arms, for my sister had already paved the way as a teacher within those very walls. Intrigued by her stories, I ventured into the school, unsure of what awaited me. 

During that initial visit, I witnessed something extraordinary—an unfolding of creativity, joy, and the unbreakable spirit of the slum children. Renowned actor and writer Mr. Mohsin Gillani graced the premises, his words breathing life into their hearts. In that moment, I felt a profound connection, as if destiny itself had Intervened. 

Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched these children, who were often overlooked by society, embrace the power of words and imagination. It was a sight that etched Itself deep within my soul, compelling me to join their journey, to be a beacon of hope and empowerment in their lives. 

Inspired by the infectious energy and unwavering belief at SKZ Model School, I knew that this was a calling I could not resist. The children’s resilience resonated within me, igniting a passion to make a difference, to be a catalyst for change in their lives. When an opportunity arose for a new teacher to join the school, I was called upon to embrace my purpose. 

A surge of emotions filled my heart as I stepped into the role of a teacher, knowing that I had been given a precious opportunity to touch lives, to nurture dreams, and to erase the shadows of doubt that clouded these young hearts. It was a responsibility that weighed on me, yet it also infused me with a renewed sense of determination and purpose. With trepidation and excitement, I stepped into the classroom, ready to embark on a voyage that would redefine my perspectives. The classrooms, once empty vessels, transformed into vibrant hubs of learning, brimming with potential waiting to be unlocked. It was here that my journey truly began—a voyage of inspiration, empathy, and the unwavering belief in the brilliance that resided within each child. 

My heart swelled with both pride and humility as I witnessed the transformation taking place before my eyes. I saw the spark of curiosity ignite in their gaze, the blossoming of confidence, and the joy that radiated from their smiles. In those moments, I knew that I had found my purpose—to empower these children, to provide them with the tools they needed to carve their own destinies. 

As the days unfolded, my initial doubts and preconceived notions began to crumble. The slum children, whose lives I had once perceived through a narrow lens, shattered my misconceptions, opening my eyes to their indomitable spirit and thirst for knowledge. Together, we embarked on a shared mission to defy limitations and rewrite the narrative of their lives. Tears of both heartache and hope mingled as I witnessed their resilience in the face of adversity. Each hurdle they overcame, each milestone they achieved, became a testament to the extraordinary potential that lay dormant within them. It was an honor to witness their transformation, to be a part of their journey toward a future filled with boundless possibilities