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We dream of a World where
Every child has the access to quality education and basic human rights.

“When a person dies, their deeds come to an end except for three things: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge, and a child who prays for them.” Muslim

In Islam, the concept of Sadqah Jarriya, or ongoing charity, holds immense significance. It refers to acts of charity that continue to benefit others after the initial contribution has been made. These acts not only bring immediate relief to those in need but also serve as a source of reward for the donor in the Hereafter. By engaging with the SKZ Foundation, you can participate in projects that yield long-term benefits for communities, ensuring an endless stream of rewards for the giver, even after they have passed away.      

What acts can be included in Sadqah Jarriyah:

Education: Building schools, providing educational materials, sponsoring students’ education, or funding educational programs that empower individuals to acquire knowledge and skills.

Water Projects: Building water reservoirs in areas where access to clean water is scarce.

Healthcare: Establishing medical clinics, providing medical supplies, or funding healthcare programs that offer free healthcare services to those in need.

Mosque Construction: Building mosques or contributing to the renovation and maintenance of existing ones, providing a place for worship and community gatherings.

Planting Trees: Planting trees in public spaces, which provide benefits such as shade, oxygen, and habitat for wildlife.

Scholarships: Establishing scholarship funds or sponsoring deserving students to pursue higher education, enabling them to improve their lives and contribute positively to society.

Quran Distribution: Distributing copies of the Quran, Islamic literature, or religious materials that promote knowledge and understanding of Islam.

Supporting Orphanages: Providing financial assistance to orphanages or contributing to programs that support orphans by providing them with shelter, education, and other necessities.

Supporting small businesses: Funding microfinance initiatives that enables individuals to generate sustainable income for themselves and their families.

How much should we pay for Sadqah Jarriyah:

It’s important to recognize that giving Sadqah does not diminish wealth; rather, it increases it and invites blessings (Barakah) into our lives. There is no limit to what one can give as Sadqah Jariyah; individuals can contribute according to their capacity. Its significance lies not in the quantity but in the purity of our intentions. Whether we give a little or a lot, what matters most is the thought and sincerity behind it. Join the SKZ Foundation and become a part of endless rewards and everlasting good deeds.

SKZ Sadaqah Jariyah Projects

We dream of a World where
Every child has the access to quality education and basic human rights.

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