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Empower Slum Children through Education with
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Join SKZ Foundation in its mission to construct a school in Lahore for 500 underprivileged children. This initiative aims to provide these bright stars with quality education, paving the way for a secure future and breaking the cycle of poverty. Your valuable donation contributes to building schools in slums, granting every child the chance to learn and thrive.

Elevate and Educate: Catalyzing Change for Slum Children

  • SKZ Model school began as just a simple hut with supplies enough for 30 students and is currently located in Sabzazar D-Block, Lahore, keeping in mind that the slum children accommodated here were beggars or workers at the start.  
  • SKZ, having a keen eye of understanding made them realize their importance. Currently, only 100 students are enrolled, thousands of them want to get education but are unable to do so, this is the very reason we want land for the school.  
  • Slum children don’t want to beg and do labor work instead they want quality education therefore it is important that we have an established school for them.    
  • The other perspective of the importance of school is that this strength of children will eventually increase and we at the moment are unable to accommodate more children due to lack of space. In order to expand this noble initiative, building a school is the top priority for us. 

“Donate to build a school in slums and provide hundreds of children with a promising future”

In the bustling streets of cities, slum children endure lives marked by poverty, lacking basic necessities and struggling to access education. SKZ Foundation is unwavering in its belief that every child, regardless of circumstances, deserves the opportunity for education and the necessary support to break free from the chains of poverty. With a dedicated mission to improve the lives of slum children, SKZ Foundation actively works to provide access to education – a key that unlocks the door to a brighter future. Together, let’s ensure that every child, irrespective of background, has the opportunity to cultivate their minds and shape their destinies. Your support makes a lasting impact – donate now to empower these deserving children and contribute to building a brighter future for all.

Creating a Tapestry of Generosity:
Become a Thread in the Fabric of Our Network!


Purchase land for school for slums 

1 kanal land will be in the Sabzazar scheme, and the cost for it is approximately - £ 1,21,076 or PKR 4,2736,639.


Construct a proper school 

For the construction of a school, we will require approximately - £ 65,175 or PKR 23,005,133.


Getting Furniture and Equipment 

Provide good furnishing and the best equipment for our students, approximately- £ 29,260 or PKR 10,328,021 .

Building hope, one brick at a time - support us in establishing a slum school!
Donate with passion, create a lasting Impression 

Donate a Brick - £100 or PKR 37,000  

Get your name showcased in our Gratitude Gallery by donating a brick for this noble cause. Not only will you donate a brick, but it will also keep the child away from working in a brick kiln. 

For Creating Lasting Ripples of Goodness, You can also have other options for Blessings:  

£ 10 or PKR 3500-It is a chair  

£ 20 or PKR 7,000-It is a whiteboard  

£ 30 or PKR 11,000- Give a table  

£ 200 or PKR 73,000-Make a restroom 

£ 300 or PKR 109,000- Make a kitchen  

£ 500 or PKR 182,000-Make a classroom  

£ 1000 or PKR 364,000-Develop a play area  

 Small acts of charity, have big impacts on Humanity 

SKZ Slum School Lahore

SKZ Slum School Lahore

SKZ Foundation is on a mission to build a school in Lahore for 500 slum children. The school will provide these bright stars with quality education, which help them built a secure future for themselves and their families, breaking the cycle of poverty. Your donation builds schools in slums, giving every child the chance to learn and thrive.

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