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Everyone has a story of his life; some are adventurous, some very tough, while others don’t face many twists and turns, but what if someone’s life story is to shape others’ life stories? Among such a few stories is the story of Dr. Hifza Khan, who helped hundreds of children change their life stories and continues to do so. Born in Lahore, Pakistan, Dr. Hifza was one of the few individuals who always thought of others before herself. Tales of social work inspired her from a very young age. “When I get old and reflect on my life, I desire to be the reason someone smiled, progressed, someone survived, and that is the dream of my life, my ambition, my only purpose!” she always used to say. Luckily, life gave her a chance to fulfill her dream.

On the path to acquiring her professional degree in pharmacy, Dr. Hifza came across many individuals who were in bad shape financially. She collected funds from her university fellows and kept aiding those in need, be it grocery shopping for them or affording school fees for their children. These small social work tasks further elevated her thirst for doing something sustainable and long-term that influences Pakistan’s social and economic picture differently. In the face of adversity, she began her journey from a small camp, fueled by an unwavering determination to make a difference. With relentless perseverance, she upgraded her humble abode into a sturdy hut. Through her infectious charisma and unwavering persistence, she transformed her vision into a portable school, the SKZ Model School, in the bustling city of Lahore.

Dr. Hifza Khan

Introduction To
Dr. Hifza Khan

Dr. Hifza Khan has dedicated her life to helping the poor slum community. Her unwavering dedication to serving others is truly inspiring. Her tireless efforts over the past seven years have been breathtaking, and her hard work has paid off in the most remarkable way. Today, SKZ is able to teach 800 slum children, giving them the gift of education and the hope of a brighter future. She is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that these children receive the education and the necessary facilities. Her extraordinary selfless character and deep commitment to the cause make her a beacon of light for not only the slum community but for others too.

Empathy in Motion

In 2021, she replicated this school model in three remote villages of Shigar Valley, Gilgit Baltistan (Thamachu, Prono, Arincho). She was aware that these villages never had any proper roads or facilities and were far from the nation’s mainstream, so a lot of smart work was required to make this place lively. After the establishment of schools, she started teaching there, and now, due to her unwavering determination, 700+ children are getting quality education in these SKZ model schools in Gilgit Baltistan.