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We dream of a world where every child has access to quality education and basic human rights.


Ramadan and Eid

Ramadan is a special time for Muslims, focusing on fasting, worship, and spiritual growth. The rewards for good deeds are believed to increase seventyfold, encouraging everyone to do more good and earn greater spiritual rewards.

SKZ Medical Aid

SKZ Medical Aid

Everyone has the right to excellent medical care, but unfortunately, many people don't have access to it. We're dedicated to changing this, working day and night to bring quality healthcare to all.

Build a Slum School

Build a Slum School

Schools play a crucial role in every community, and for children living in slums, the school often represents their primary hope and support system. SKZ is helping these children, who are full of dreams, by providing the support they need through education.

SKZ Gilgit Baltistan

SKZ Gilgit Baltistan

Education is particularly hard to come by in GB, as schools are far from the village, making it difficult for children, especially girls, to receive quality education. SKZ took the initiative to provide education in remote areas, offering children a chance for a brighter future. Join us in supporting this cause and making education accessible to all.

SKZ Model School Thamacho

SKZ Model School Thamacho became a symbol of hope for the residents of Thamacho village in Tissar, Shigar valley Gilgit Baltistan. Thamacho village had to face several difficulties throughout its whole evolution being a remote region.

SKZ Model School Arincho

After conquering Thamacho, SKZ Model School moved its interest to Arincho in Tissar, Shiggar Valley, Gilgit Baltistan where the living situation of the locals was very harsh. People in Arincho have to face the problem of water scarcity

SKZ Model School Prono

SKZ Model School Prono has been a blessing for all the locals in prono village whose children are now able to get high quality education. Over the years, the people of prono had to face different hurdles in order to manage a satisfying lifestyle.