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Ramadan's Grace. Eid's Embrace

  • During this Ramadan, SKZ undertook a series of initiatives aimed at uplifting the slum community. We organized 6 Iftar Drives for the children and their parents, providing nutritious meals and an assortment of fruits.  
  • Out of the 6 drives 2 of them were grand Iftar drives where both parents and children were invited. SKZ also raised awareness about Ramadan within the slum community through educational sessions and discussions, fostering unity and inclusivity. 
  • We distributed 100 + ration packs to ensure access to essential food supplies throughout Ramadan. Additionally, SKZ provided Eid clothes and accessories, bringing joy and a sense of celebration to the residents. These efforts aimed to improve the overall well-being of the slum community during the holy month of Ramadan. 
  • On Eid, SKZ made a significant impact by organizing a memorable Eid Celebration with the slum community. We brought together children and their families, creating an atmosphere of joy and togetherness. SKZ ensured that everyone felt included and cared for during this special occasion. 
  • Additionally, SKZ arranged an outing for the kids from the slum community, giving them a chance to experience new places and enjoy a day of fun and laughter. They also had the opportunity to have dinner with the children, further strengthening the bond between SKZ and the slum community.