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Help bridge the gap in education where it's needed most.


SKZ Foundation is committed to making a meaningful impact on education accessibility, and we are currently focused on building a school in Gilgit Baltistan, Upper Kachura. In this region where educational opportunities are limited, your support can help create a space for underprivileged students to thrive academically. By contributing, you are not just building schools but also fostering environments where learning can flourish. Join us in our mission to illuminate the futures of these deserving children. 

Help SKZ Build a School in Upper Kachura

Help SKZ Build a School in
Upper Kachura

“Donate to build a school in the core of mountains and provide hundreds of underprivileged children with the gift of knowledge”

In the serene embrace of mountains, the SKZ Foundation is working diligently to bring education to areas where mountain trails meet the footsteps of eager learners. Your donation goes beyond constructing classrooms; it opens up a world of possibilities for these innocent hearts. Together with SKZ Foundation, let’s make education accessible where it’s needed the most, creating a brighter and more promising future for these children.

SKZ Upper Kachura Project

SKZ's Outreach to Gilgit
Baltistan's Communities

After seeing how much people liked what SKZ was doing in Lahore, people from faraway places in Gilgit Baltistan approached SKZ in 2021. They really liked how SKZ was helping people in Lahore. People from Thamcho village said there was no internet, not many things they needed, and they had to go far to get things for their homes. Kids couldn’t go to school because the village was far from Skardu. Girls couldn’t get good education easily. 

Thamacho School's Revival with SKZ

There was a local school, which had no facilities and staff, and only one teacher was managing all the students. Therefore SKZ got a hold of this mission and adopted Thamacho. SKZ collaborated with local government of Gilgit Baltistan and started restructuring the school. Teachers were provided to the school so that they could manage and effectively teach all the students All the GB kids were given necessary school items like uniforms, school bags, stationery and shoes  

Expanding the Circle:

SKZ Adopts Arincho and Prono Villages

Now SKZ  realized that some of the neighboring villages like Arincho and Prono were also going through the same issues. So SKZ decided that they would also adopt these villages. SKZ model schools were inaugurated in Arincho and Prono setting a standard of empathy and social service.  

Current Progress

The current scenario tells us that no child is out of school in all of these three villages. SKZ thrives on empowering these children to become the diamonds of society. 

SKZ Model School Thamacho

SKZ Model School Thamacho became a symbol of hope for the residents of Thamacho village in Tissar, Shigar valley Gilgit Baltistan. Thamacho village had to face several difficulties throughout its whole evolution being a

SKZ Model School

After conquering Thamacho, SKZ Model School moved its interest to Arincho in Tissar, Shigar Valley, Gilgit Baltistan where the living situation of the locals was very harsh. People in Arincho have to face the problem of water scarcity

SKZ Model School

SKZ Model School Prono has been a blessing for all the locals in prono village whose children are now able to get high quality education. Over the years, the people of prono had to face different hurdles in order to manage a


SKZ Model School

SKZ Foundation is building a school in Skardu, Upper Kachura, to provide education to underprivileged students in an area where educational opportunities are scarce. Your contribution builds schools for deserving children