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Help Build a Foundation for Change, One Brick at a Time!

Empower Slum Children through Education with SKZ Foundation

Donate a Brick

Welcome to the Donate a Brick campaign by SKZ Foundation. Your contribution will play a crucial role in constructing a better future for those in need. Every brick donated brings us closer to realizing our mission of empowerment, education, and community development.

Donate a Brick

How It Works:

Select Your Donation Amount: Choose the number of bricks you wish to donate. Every brick counts! (1 brick costs 1000 pounds)


Make Your Donation: Your generous contribution will directly support our projects and initiatives, making a lasting impact on the lives of individuals and communities.


Track Your Impact: Follow our progress and see the tangible results of your donation as we build and grow together.

Why Donate a Brick?

Building Futures: Your donation helps us construct a schools for 500 children in slum community.

Empowering Communities: By contributing to our projects, you empower the young generation and communities to thrive and succeed.

Making a Lasting Impact: Each brick symbolizes hope, opportunity, and positive change, leaving a legacy that transcends generations.

Wall of Donors: As a token of our appreciation, the name of every donor will be added to our Wall of Donors, commemorating your generosity and commitment to our cause.

Building hope, one brick at a time - support us in establishing a slum school!
Donate with passion, create a lasting Impression 

Donate a Brick - £100 or PKR 37,000  

Get your name showcased in our Gratitude Gallery by donating a brick for this noble cause. Not only will you donate a brick, but it will also keep the child away from working in a brick kiln. 

For Creating Lasting Ripples of Goodness, You can also have other options for Blessings:  

£ 10 or PKR 3500-It is a chair  

£ 20 or PKR 7,000-It is a whiteboard  

£ 30 or PKR 11,000- Give a table  

£ 200 or PKR 73,000-Make a restroom 

£ 300 or PKR 109,000- Make a kitchen  

£ 500 or PKR 182,000-Make a classroom  

£ 1000 or PKR 364,000-Develop a play area  

 Small acts of charity, have big impacts on Humanity