SKZ Foundation

Redefining Perceptions: Ali’s Transformative Story with SKZ

My name is Ali, and I was a electrical engineer fresh out of NUST. Engineering was my field, but deep down, I had always nurtured a passion for writing. I loved the way words could paint pictures, evoke emotions, and inspire change. However, I never had the chance to pursue writing professionally.

One day, while scrolling through my social media feed, I stumbled upon a friend’s status update that caught my attention. It was about an organization called SKZ SAYA E KHUDA E ZULJALAL. The name intrigued me, so I decided to learn more about them. As I explored SKZ, I discovered that they were a non-profit organization dedicated to educating nomad children in the slums. The very essence of their mission struck a chord within me. I felt a deep connection to their cause and their determination to uplift and empower the most marginalized children in society.

Filled with curiosity and a longing to contribute, I took a leap of faith and reached out to SKZ. I knew my writing portfolio needed more professional experience, and the odds of acceptance seemed slim. Doubts gnawed at me, but my passion for making a difference through my writing overpowered those doubts. Listening to Hifza and Ansa, I felt inspired. They saw my passion for writing and believed in my ability to create content that could raise awareness and bring about change. They explained how SKZ aimed to showcase the real stories, dreams, and challenges of slum children, breaking stereotypes and inspiring others to take action.

Guided by their insights and experiences, I embarked on my journey as a content writer at SKZ. I immersed myself in the lives of slum children, visiting their communities, conducting interviews, and capturing their stories through my writing. Each encounter further fueled my determination to give a voice to those often unheard of. Inspired by SKZ’s mission, I applied for the Content Writer post. They asked me to write a sample article on slum children and their problems. I poured my heart and soul into the article, expressing my deep empathy for the challenges faced by slum children and explaining the problems they face daily.

To my surprise, the response came swiftly. A day after submitting the article, I received an email from SKZ. My heart raced as I hesitated to open it, fearing rejection. But as I gathered my courage, I clicked on the email, and my eyes scanned the words on the screen. SKZ had seen potential in me, and they wanted to have a meeting to discuss my application further. Excitement and nervousness mingled within me as I prepared for the meeting. The possibilities seemed endless – the opportunity to use my writing skills to amplify the voices of slum children and contribute to SKZ’s incredible work. The day of the meeting arrived, and I joined the meeting, a mix of anticipation and determination guiding me.

 I was warmly greeted by Hifza Saleem, the chairperson of SKZ, and Ansa Asim, the president. Their genuine conversation and interest immediately put me at ease. They appreciated the writing sample I had submitted and took the time to share their vision for SKZ’s mission. Their words resonated deeply with me. I realized that SKZ was not just an organization focused on education but also dedicated to shining a light on the real stories, dreams, and challenges of slum children. They believed in the power of my words to challenge stereotypes and inspire others to take action.

The impact of SKZ’s work was profound, not just on the children we served but also on ourselves. Witnessing the smiles on their faces, their dreams taking flight, and their lives brimming with hope, I realized the untapped potential within the slums. Poverty did not define these children; they were filled with talent, ambition, and dreams waiting to be realized. SKZ changed my perspective on the slums and the people living there. I realized that poverty does not define a person’s worth or potential. These slums were filled with talent, ambition, and untapped potential. I felt privileged to be a part of SKZ’s journey and contribute to a greater cause than ourselves.

To this day, I continue my career as a mechanical engineer, but my passion for writing and advocacy remains alive through my work with SKZ. The experiences, lessons, and unwavering spirit of the organization will forever shape my perspective and drive me to make a difference in the lives of slum children, one word at a time.