SKZ Foundation

Arincho Village Water Pipeline


Imagine a location where the air is crisp with the aroma of mountains and pine woods and the valleys echo with the sounds of nature’s harmony. Arincho Village in Gilgit Baltistan is one such lovely refuge, set between towering peaks and green flora. However, within this stunning beauty, there is a secret struggle for clean water.

You see, there is only one source of water in Arincho, and it is a sparkling lake high above the village and encircled by majestic mountains. It’s a scene of serene beauty, but it’s also a scene of shared resources. Humans, animals, and birds alike flock to this lake to satisfy their thirst, unknowingly blending their needs and contaminating the water in the process.

For the villagers of Arincho, this shared water source poses a grave risk to their health. Waterborne diseases are all too common, especially among their children and elders. Every sip of water becomes a risk to their well-being, and the toll it takes on the community is immeasurable.


In the heart of Arincho, between the whispers of the mountains and the swirl of leaves, hope emerges in the form of the SKZ Foundation. We understand the villagers’ plight and their need for a solution that respects their connection to nature while safeguarding their health.

The SKZ Foundation proposes a simple yet transformative solution: a dedicated pipeline that brings clean water from an unspoiled source directly to the village. By bypassing the contaminated lake, villagers can finally have access to safe and clean water exclusively for human use. It’s a lifeline that promises to change their lives for the better, ensuring that every sip they take nourishes their bodies instead of endangering them.

With the construction of this pipeline, we hope to create a world in which waterborne illnesses are a thing of the past, where the children can freely drink and everyone lives a healthy life.


Together with the SKZ Foundation, villagers will get on on a journey to realize this vision. Skilled hands will lay down the pipeline, dragging it through the harsh landscape with care and precision. A storage facility will rise from the ground, a protective structure to save water. And all the while, the community will stand together, learning, growing, and gratefully accepting the gift of life.

The promise of clean water flowing through its veins will make Arincho Village, with its emerald valleys and blue skies, shine even brighter.