SKZ Foundation

Buy Children Cloths

Be Merciful on earth and you will be shown mercy from the one who is above heavens.

Ramadan is the month of giving, supporting and helping people who are in dire need. In Pakistan, people do charity especially during Ramadan because there is an air of upbringing and happiness all around. Like in previous years, SKZ is planning to do something special for these young talented souls who are the bright future of Pakistan.
We at SKZ are also devising to make dresses for our slum school children. There are approximately 70 children in our slum school. These dresses will be given to students as a gift during Ramadan. Not only it will create an air of positivity but will also lift the morale of children so that they are not alone.
• 10£-Cost of dress of one child
• For boys , The dress includes a white coloured vest along with a shalwar kameez.
• For girls , It would be shalwar kameez and dupatta.
So be a part of this noble campaign which could bring smiles to the faces of these slum children. Let’s make this month of Ramadan even more special for them so that these children along with their families can taste the real sweetness of happiness.