SKZ Foundation

SKZ East London Iftar Fundraiser Dinner

The SKZ Foundation planned an outstanding Iftar Dinner fundraiser on a noteworthy evening in East London. To improve the lives of slum children, this extraordinary event brought together eminent brains, renowned visitors, and kind hearts. The gathering of the esteemed Advisory Board and the SKZ Foundation trustees demonstrated a firm commitment and sound judgment that supported the organization’s effective activities.

The attendance of Mayor Lewisham highlighted the rising acclaim and backing for the organization’s goal. The significant sponsorship of the Halal Food Foundation, which was devoted to promoting accessibility and aiding charity organizations, added to the event’s significance. The Pakistan Overseas Club UK meticulously planned the Iftar Dinner, which skillfully merged cultural diversity with charitable endeavors to promote cooperation and optimism. The special occasion perfectly captured the SKZ Foundation’s commitment to empowering slum children and paving the way for a better future.


  • Category: Event
  • Address: East London