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This Eid, be a part of someone’s happiness through your Fitrana and Eid gifts.

Donate Fitrana This Ramadan

Before saying goodbye to Ramadan, let’s remember the needy, those who do not have any means to celebrate Eid, and those who look at us with hope in their eyes. The SKZ Foundation encourages you to contribute your Fitrana and Eid gifts, bringing joy to the lives of those in need.


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What is Fitrana?

Fitrana, or Zakat-ul-Fitr, is an essential obligation for every Muslim, including both adults and children, and a crucial contribution for each member of the household.

The amount should be paid during Ramadan, before the Eid prayer, ensuring timely assistance for those facing difficulties during the festive season. Parents or guardians bear the responsibility to pay on behalf of their children. Your Fitrana not only purifies your fasting but also provides vital support to those in need.

Fitrana to be paid in Ramadan 2024

In today’s currency, Fitrana to be paid this year will be £5, or  1,776 PKR.

How does the SKZ Foundation assist you?

The SKZ Foundation goes beyond traditional Fitrana payments by extending assistance to families struggling to make Eid festive for their children.

Your generous support allows the foundation to provide Eid gifts, such as toys, clothes, or books, ensuring every child feels remembered and cherished during this joyous time. Join us in making a lasting impact by donating now and spreading the spirit of giving this Eid.