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Flood affected people need your Help

Since mid-June 2022, Pakistan has been struck with extreme monsoon rains, leading to the country’s worst flooding in a decade. According to statistics, over 33 million people have been affected. Over 1700 people have died, and 2000+ plus have been reportedly injured. The government had announced a flood emergency over the whole area, and necessary measures were taken to ensure the safety of people.

The havoc of flood has been unimaginable, and people have suffered a lot due to this national crisis. Many families have fallen victim to this grave crisis in Pakistan. Due to continuous rainfall and land sliding, the flood has demolished most of the south Punjab, Sindh, and Balochistan areas. Northern areas are damaged partially by floods along with land sliding.

The government of Pakistan has declared over 66 districts as ‘calamity hit,’ 31 in Balochistan, 23 in Sindh, nine in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), and three in Punjab.

SKZ Takes On The National Duty

To carry out this duty SKZ started the “Flood donation appeal “project to reach places where flood has shown its destruction. We have a good team to facilitate relief efforts, providing necessities such as food, medical aid, and hygiene.

⦁ £12- for providing a hot meal for 4 families.
⦁ £45- for providing a food pack for a family.
⦁ £100-for providing 12000L water
⦁ £700- will deliver a large waterproof tent to shelter a family

Let’s work together to provide the necessary resources and facilitate those in need during this difficult time!

33 million people have been affected by this crisis

As reported by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Pakistan, thirty-three million people have been affected by this crisis.
It has been reported that over 219,000 houses have been destroyed and a further 452,000 damaged(partially). Nearly 1 million livestock, such as goats, sheep, and cattle, have been lost due to this huge destruction. Two million acres of the crop have been destroyed, yet most of the flood water still stands in those crops. Over 3,000 km of roads and 145+ bridges have been severely damaged. The mass exodus of people fleeing for safety has put an immense strain on hospitals and emergency services. People are leaving their homes just for the sake of getting necessities and to survive.