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Sense of affection in the community

Slum children make up a large number of the malnourished population. Lack of food is one of the major causes of death in slum areas. The figures below show the nutrition deficiency diseases in Pakistan. People in slum areas suffer such losses regularly because they have minimal or no resources and are vulnerable to certain contaminations.


SKZ In The Fight Against Childhood Hunger

At SKZ, we believe that no child should ever have to go to bed hungry. That’s why we’ve created our “SKZ Food Package” initiative to ensure that every child in need has access to nutritious meals.

The food aid package of SKZ will consist of the following:
Milk for a slum child every month- is £6; on this evaluation, for 10 children, it would cost- £50.

The food aid package of SKZ will consist of :

⦁ Milk for a slum child on monthly basis- £6 , on this evaluation for 10 children it would cost- £50.

⦁ Lunch meal for a child on monthly basis- £10

⦁ Goat Sacrifice which costs around- £160

⦁ Monthly Ration/food pack for a slum family- £50 ,