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What is Iftar

What is Iftar?

Iftar is a time when communities come together to ensure that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, can take part in breaking fast, emphasizing the importance of sharing and caring during this sacred month. It is a time for reflection, prayer, and the sharing of blessings.

Importance of Iftar drives

Iftar drives hold a special significance during Ramadan. Fasting all day can be challenging, and having a nutritious meal at iftar is essential. For many people, however, access to food is a luxury that they cannot afford.

This contrast becomes visible when we gather around a table filled with our favorite dishes, while on the other side, there are people who do not have anything to eat. The SKZ Foundation comes to the rescue in this regard by providing access to food for those in need.

Iftar drives by the SKZ Foundation

Every year, the SKZ Foundation organizes iftar dinners at SKZ Model School to extend support to those in need. These iftar gatherings have a dual purpose: first, to offer nourishment and comfort through a communal meal, ensuring that participants experience the warmth of breaking their fast together.

Secondly, These Events provide a platform for individuals to openly share their challenges and concerns, developing a sense of community and support beyond the provision of meals. Through these iftar dinners, the SKZ Foundation not only addresses immediate hunger but also creates a space for empathy, understanding, and solidarity within the community.

Iftar Drives - SKZ Foundation

How does the SKZ Foundation help these communities?

The SKZ Foundation extends help to the needy through iftar drives by organizing and facilitating the distribution of nutritious meals during Ramadan. Support the SKZ Foundation in their mission to donate iftar meals and contribute to the well-being of vulnerable communities. The act of donating iftar serves not only as a means of feeding the fast but also signifies the spirit of generosity and compassion that defines the essence of Ramadan.

Breaking Fasts together and community iftars

SKZ extends compassion by hosting Iftar drives and dastarkhwan at SKZ Model School Sabzazar, slums and public points i.e roads

Menu for Iftar:

  • Biryani/Qorma
  • Mix Fruits
  • Dates
  • Beverage (Water/Sharbat)


In Lahore

  • PKR 500/Person  (£1.5)
  • PKR 50,000 or £140 and support 100 Iftars/Day
  • PKR 100,000 or £280 and support 200 Iftars/Day (Grand Iftar)
  • PKR 1,000,000 or £2,830 and support 200 Iftars/Day (One Ashra- 10 Days)
SKZ’s Iftar Drive