SKZ Foundation


Only Education can pull a man from the sheer darkness of ignorance. Its education can change the lives of generations and is capable of changing nations. Education makes you aware of who you are, making you able to think critically about the purpose of your life. In slums where people fight for survival every day, education is the concept nowhere to be found. As much as they don’t have access to education and knowledge that’s the only thing that can change their lives for good.


Education is the basic right of every human and our constitution backs it. The government has taken steps to promote education and where people are encouraged to send their children to government schools if they can’t afford private education, the slum community lacks societal acceptance.
The lack of education in the slum areas is a common practice and children are forced to beg or for child labour. This has snatched their right to live the life every human being deserves and pushed them into the vicious cycle of poverty.
The importance of education for children in slums is much more than you think. Only education is going to give them the confidence to get up and change their lives.
It is going to make these children the citizens our country would be proud of.
It is important because opening a school gate means that you have closed a prison. Education makes them aware of what’s right and what’s wrong. It is going to change the way they think and will make them respectable citizens.
The stories of these kids suffering from the age where every child needs to be pampered and protected are heart-wrenching. Access to education is important so that these kids can end this cycle of injustice and make a better life for themselves and their families where no child has to go through child labour and begging.


Saya E Khuda E Zuljlal Foundation is working on a mission to educate slum children. We believe that no amount of financial help can change their lives for good but educating their children has the power to end this cycle of poverty. Education is important because it gives a man the power to progress and shine competing with the world with confidence. As they say, educating a child means changing the lives of a family. While teaching 70+ children in our school, and by facing the problems daily, we have concluded the ways in which the access and quality of education in slums can be improved.


Emphasizing girl’s education and Women’s Empowerment:

If we want to improve the access to education in these communities, we should equally focus on girls’ education as well. The gender discrimination that makes people send their sons to school and refrain their daughters from doing so, is the hurdle in improved access to education. Government should launch awareness campaigns to influence the mindset of people and should work to make educational places safe for women. Today’s girl will be the empowered woman of tomorrow and will change the fate of generations.

Educating Parents:

The counselling of parents and making them aware of the facts that how their children’s child labour is earning them few rupees at the cost of their future. Counselling parents to treat their children as their assets and invest as much as they can so they can grow to be the person they deserve. Parents’ counselling campaigns should be launched so that they can cooperate and send their children to school. Education is the key to light and it is only possible when someone is willing to do all the hard work and effort it requires.

Volunteer Organizations and NGOs:

Government should support the volunteers and the NGOs that are working for the better future of the country through educating the children. Education is the basic right of every individual and it is the government’s responsibility to make it easy and accessible. Education can be made accessible by funding organizations that give incentives and scholarships to students so that they are more motivated to study.
Education is the only solution to the long list of problems like poverty, street crimes and much more. The access and quality assure that everyone gets to have an equal chance to grow and excel. The slum community needs some extra attention as they are fighting for survival every day and only the quality and improve access can convince them to send their children to schools. Educated nations are the ones who progress and for that, we have to work together and focus on what it takes.