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Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges: Education for All

Getting high-quality education is the right of every child. Pakistan has the world’s second-highest number of out-of-school children, estimated at 22.8 million between 5 and 16 (UNICEF). The average percentage of those with a general education is 54%; of this, 66.25% are male, and 41.7% are female (Federal Ministry of Education, 2019). Here is a brief graphical description of different provinces.

Do We Have A Solution?

SKZ is highly proactive in bringing as many people on board for this national issue as possible. SKZ has launched the “Provide a teacher in Gilgit Baltistan” project for this very purpose.

Situation In Gilgit Baltistan

⦁ Over 100 schools in Gilgit Baltistan have proper infrastructure and mapping, but the only constraint is that they don’t have teachers.
⦁ We have 4 slum schools in village Tissar ( a union-council of sugar valley ) in Gilgit Baltistan covering around 600 + children and are progressing with full effect.

About the project

⦁ We need to enhance this initiative therefore we need to hire teachers.
⦁ You can help SKZ in building the future for these children by donating £50; this amount will be given to the teacher as a salary.
⦁ Slowly and steadily we are trying to make the schools functional but without your support it might not be that easy.

⦁ The donors can provide this amount monthly as :
1)Amount For one month – £50
2)Contract for 6 months- £300
3)Contract for 1 year- £600

The prime need of the hour is to make sure that all the resources are capitalized to the fullest. We will make sure that quality education is given to every child in Gilgit Baltistan and at every other place we reach in the future.