SKZ Foundation

Qurban For Allah , Meat for Slums

Spreading Smiles, Fostering Unity
At the SKZ Foundation, we value compassion and helping people in need, especially on momentous occasions like Qurbani and Eid ul Adha. We aspire to improve the lives of the least fortunate and uphold the virtue of giving. Our goal is to bring joy and nourishment to individuals, families, and slum communities who may not have regular access to nutritious meals, fostering a sense of unity and compassion during this blessed time.
“The greatest day in the sight of Allah is the Day of Sacrifice.” (Ibn Majah, The Day of Sacrifice, 3129)

Children’s Perspectives on Qurbani :
During the Eid vibe, we keep animals at school where children can spend more time with them.
Witnessing Qurbani evoked empathy in children as they felt a connection with the animal being sacrificed. They experienced a mix of emotions, such as compassion, sadness, and concern for the animal’s welfare. These are mere animals they loved to play and spend time with.

How do we do Qurbani?
SKZ has vast experience in organizing Qurbani initiatives, ensuring that the sacrifices are carried out following Islamic principles and distributed to deserving individuals or communities dignifiedly.

To whom is the meat distributed?
Qurbani meat is allocated for the slum communities because they are hardly able to get fresh meat. If people give them meat by any chance, it mainly consists of fattier and less desirable parts. Distributing meat to the slum community helps address their food insecurity and provides them with a valuable source of nutrition that they may not have regular access to.

Why should you donate Qurban to SKZ Foundation?
You should give your Qurban to SKZ Foundation because we do it fresh on Eid Day, and we distribute fresh meat directly to the slum communities on the same day. So, you can trust SKZ Foundation with your Qurban, and we will distribute meat on the same day. SKZ Foundation’s expertise in working with the slum community ensures that your Qurbani donation will be efficiently and effectively distributed to those who are most in need.

The best charity is that given on the day of Eid.” (Al-Tirmidhi, The Day of Eid,1832)