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What Are The Benefits Of Doing Qurbani?

What Are The Benefits Of Doing Qurbani?

Qurbani is the religious obligation of the Muslims who can afford it, celebrating the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.). It reminds us of the spirit of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) to sacrifice his most beloved son for Allah. Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) was willing to sacrifice his son in Allah’s name, but Allah replaced him with a Sheep, and since then the occasion has been celebrated. This reminds us that nothing in this world is more important than the love of Allah, and a Muslim should be ready to sacrifice anything he has for Allah. Qurbani is not only a ritual; it’s an obligation that is deeply rooted in the faith and principles of Islam. Besides the religious aspects, Qurbani also promotes solidarity among the Muslim community and teaches us empathy and compassion. It is an opportunity for privileged people to give back to their community. This produces harmony in the community, strengthens the bond among individuals, and develops a sense of support and unity. Qurbani is itself a blessing from Allah and a way to Thank Allah for his blessings. Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits of the Qurbani and how it positively affects the Muslim community:

Understanding The Essence Of Qurbani

Qurbani is an obligatory act for Muslims who are financially stable and can bear the cost of buying a Healthy Animal. The number of animals that one Muslim can sacrifice depends on his affordability. It involves the sacrifice of livestock Animals, including Sheep, Goats, Cows, Or Camels, in the name of Allah. When we learn the true essence of Qurbani, it is much more than just sacrificing the Animal; it’s the willingness to sacrifice your precious things for Allah’s sake. It symbolises the willingness of Muslims to give up something valuable and precious to please Allah. This spirit is something that makes Qurbani a deeply meaningful act of devotion in Islam.

Social Impact Of Qurbani

Apart from the Spiritual benefits for an individual, Qurbani has a strong social impact on the Muslim community. Qurbani has far-reaching social impacts that include compassion, empathy, and harmony. It brings people together and makes sure that everyone takes part in the joys of Eid-ul-Adha and no one is deprived of the meat on this occasion. There are people who don’t get to eat meat for days or even months, but Eid-ul-Adha obliges the privileged to distribute a part of the meat to the poor; otherwise, the sacrifice will not be accepted.

There are many other benefits of Qurbani; some of them are listed below

A Chance For Gratitude And Remembrance

Eid-ul-Adha comes with a reminder to thank Allah for the blessings we have. A man who is financially strong enough to get an Animal and sacrifice it thanks Allah for the blessings he has. On the other hand, the families who are not able to afford meat and haven’t gotten a chance to  devour meat for days, months, or even the whole year, Thank Allah for this occasion where they can get a share in the blessings of the Privileged people.

Fulfilment Of Religious Responsibility

Qurbani is a fundamental religious responsibility that every financially stable Muslim is obliged to fulfil. If someone has enough finances to buy a Healthy Animal, Qurbani is an obligation for him, and if he doesn’t fulfil this responsibility, he will be held accountable on the day of judgement.

Spiritual Purification

Qurbani is also seen by Muslims as a way to purify their souls. When you are willing to sacrifice your hard earned money in the name of Allah to get his blessings and your intentions are pure, it leads to the Purification of Your Heart. The act of Qurbani strengthens the bond with an individual and his faith, taking him closer to Allah.

Economic Stimulus

Qurbani serves as an economic stimulus and benefits a huge number of people financially. From the farmers who spend the whole year bringing up the animals for Qurbani to the vendors who sell these animals in the market, Qurbani benefits people financially.

Strengthening Family Traditions

Qurbani is another way to strengthen the family tradition, bringing families close across generations. It’s a time when families gather to perform Qurbani and celebrate the occasion together. Sharing savoury dishes and attending family gatherings give you memorable moments to cherish for years. It also provides an opportunity for elders to pass down the teachings to younger generations while setting a practical example.

From providing a chance to distribute the meat among the Needy And Poor, who are usually deprived of Nutrients And Protein the whole year, to fostering a sense of unity among the community and the families, Qurbani has unlimited benefits.

The SKZ Foundation is working tirelessly for the rights of underprivileged communities in Pakistan. These are the people who live in slums, lacking the necessities of life. Eating meat is a luxury for them, and when you are struggling for the necessities, you can’t imagine enjoying luxuries. The SKZ Foundation organises Qurbani among the Slums of Pakistan. We buy animals and take care of them with the people of the slums for the few days before Eid. This makes them feel included in the joys of Eid. On Eid day, we perform Qurbani in the heart of the slums and distribute the meat among the families in the slums right away. Let’s join hands with The SKZ Foundation and make sure no child in the slums feels left out from the celebrations on Eid and everyone gets to enjoy Eid to the fullest.