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Khadija’s inspiring life journey


I am Khadija Saleem, and I want to share my life story and how SKZ changed my life. It’s truly incredible to reflect on my journey and the transformation I’ve undergone since joining SKZ Model School.

Before my involvement with SKZ, I was a shy individual with a limited social life. Being in the spotlight terrified me, especially when dealing with the media. When I first encountered the media in the context of SKZ school, I found solace behind a mask, using it as a shield to hide my insecurities. However, everything changed as I began representing SKZ with confidence.

Initially, I held a skeptical view of SKZ and its mission. I believed these children, considered marginalized by society, couldn’t be saved or educated. I even questioned the value of investing my education in teaching them, fearing it would all be in vain. Many others shared the same sentiment, reinforcing my doubts. I assumed these individuals lacked the will to change and couldn’t be educated, no matter how much effort we put into it.

However, once I became more involved with SKZ and witnessed the incredible growth of these children, my perspective completely shifted. I became deeply invested in their journeys, and even on my days off, I found myself missing their presence. Working with them became a tremendous source of motivation in my life.

As headmistress of SKZ Model School, I found myself tackling various responsibilities, constantly reaching out to people, and promoting our school. My once small social circle expanded exponentially as I engaged with individuals from all walks of life. I became adept at communication, effortlessly connecting with others, and spreading awareness about the remarkable work at SKZ.

What truly touched my heart was the countless stories of women who confided in me, sharing their experiences of domestic abuse, poverty, and hunger. It was both humbling and heartbreaking to listen to their struggles. However, I was also fortunate to witness the tremendous changes in their attitudes and behaviors as they became more aware of their rights and actively worked towards empowering themselves.

Through counseling and support, I have seen women transform from victims to survivors. They have gained the courage to stand up against their oppressors, seeking help and taking steps towards a better life. Witnessing this empowerment firsthand has been an awe-inspiring experience that has reaffirmed my belief in the power of education and its ability to bring about positive change.

Moreover, as I worked closely with the children at SKZ, I realized that their potential was boundless. Despite their challenging circumstances, they exhibited remarkable resilience, creativity, and intelligence. It became clear that their lack of education was not due to inherent shortcomings but to systemic barriers they faced. SKZ Model School allowed them to break free from these limitations and unleash their full potential.

Today, I am a different person from the shy, hesitant individual I once was. SKZ has not only changed the lives of the children we serve but also transformed me into a passionate advocate for education and empowerment. I am eternally grateful to be a part of this incredible organization and to play a role in shaping a brighter future for these resilient individuals.

The journey has not been without its challenges, but every obstacle has served as a reminder of the importance of our mission. It has taught me the power of perseverance and the need for continuous growth and improvement. I

 I am determined to expand the reach of SKZ Model School, ensuring that more children and women are allowed to break free from the cycle of poverty and transform their lives.

My story is just one of many within the SKZ community. Together, we are creating a ripple effect of change, one life at a time. Reflecting on how far we have come, I am hopeful and excited about the future. The impact of education and empowerment cannot be overstated, and I am privileged to witness its transformative power firsthand.

Ultimately, it is not only the children and women whose lives have been changed by SKZ but also my own. This journey has made me realize that true fulfillment lies in serving others and making a difference, no matter how small. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be selected by God to listen to their stories and participate in their remarkable journey toward a better and brighter future.


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