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What is Kaffarah?

SKZ Mission

During the sacred month of Ramadan, our mission to serve the community is elevated with the distribution of special Ramadan food packs.

Recognizing the significance of providing nourishment during this holy month, SKZ Foundation is committed to ensuring that families in need receive essential supplies.

Importance of Ration Bags

These thoughtfully curated food packs contain a variety of items to support individuals and families as they observe the fast. From nutritious staples to special treats, the Ramadan food packs aim to alleviate the challenges faced by those who may struggle to access adequate meals.

The act of distributing these food packs is not just about providing sustenance but also embodies the spirit of ‘feeding the fasting.’ It is a gesture of solidarity and compassion, reflecting the core values of sharing and caring that define the essence of Ramadan. Together, through the distribution of these food packs, we strive to make the holy month a time of abundance and unity for all.

Ration Pack for a family costs £25 or PKR 8,500

Our ration pack usually consists of:

  • Flour 20kg
  • Rice 3kg
  • Daal Channa 1kg
  • Daal Moong 0.5kg
  • Daal Masoor 0.5 kg
  • Cooking oil 3 litres
  • Tea 500g
  • Sugar 5kg
  • Dates 1kg
  • Jam E Shireen(800ml)
Ramadan Ration Food Pack