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Kulsoom’s Story of overcoming fears

Kulsoom’s Story of Stepping Beyond Comfort and Embracing Growth and Transformation

As I grew up, I harbored a deep desire for independence in the depths of my heart. My name is Kulsoom, and I graduated in psychology and I am a teacher at SKZ school. It pained me to rely on my father’s limited means, knowing he wasn’t wealthy and that I needed to find a way to stand on my own two feet. My dependency grew heavy, and I began to develop a complex.

Feeling lost and yearning for growth, I told a dear friend about my struggles. During this vulnerable moment, my friend introduced me to SKZ Model School, a remarkable project by the SKZ organization that aimed to educate children living in slums through innovative container-based schools. Skepticism crept into my mind as I questioned whether I would truly fit in and make a difference in the lives of these children.

However, in the last semester of my studies, I mustered the courage to visit the school. Initially, my focus was primarily on the monetary aspect, a means to earn a living. But as the school administration conducted my interview and asked me to write an essay about slum children and my feelings towards them, a remarkable shift occurred within me. While writing that essay, I realized the true purpose of my journey. With each word penned, I delved into the depths of my emotions, exploring the lives and struggles of these children. Then, the realization struck me like a bolt of lightning—my purpose wasn’t solely about financial gain; it was about genuinely impacting these young lives. I embraced the opportunity and joined SKZ Model School with newfound clarity, not knowing it would forever change my life.

As I stepped into the school, I was greeted by the innocent smiles and curious eyes of the slum children. A profound connection instantly formed between us, transcending social and economic boundaries. Despite their challenging circumstances, their zest for learning inspired me beyond measure. They showed me the true meaning of resilience and determination, teaching me valuable lessons about gratitude, compassion, and the strength of the human spirit. Through my interactions with these incredible children, I began to shed my inhibitions and limitations. The experience forced me to leave my comfort zone and confront my fears and insecurities. In return, I witnessed the transformative power of education and how it empowers individuals to rise above their circumstances.

SKZ Model School became my sanctuary, where I discovered my purpose and grew. The slum children, once strangers, became my family. Their unwavering belief in me and their boundless love ignited my soul. They taught me that true fulfillment lies not in material gain but in making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Today, as I reflect on my journey, joining SKZ Model School was the best decision of my life. It allowed me to break free from dependency and become a strong, independent woman with a deep sense of purpose. The emotional bond I share with the slum children is something I treasure dearly, and I am forever grateful for the profound transformation they have brought to my life.

My story is a testament to the power of stepping out of our comfort zones, for it is in those moments of vulnerability and uncertainty that we discover our true strength and purpose. SKZ Model School has taught me that real growth and fulfillment lie beyond the confines of our comfort, and I will forever cherish the lessons and love I have received from these remarkable children.


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