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What Qurbani Teaches as Muslims


Qurbani is not just a sacrificial ritual; it’s an obligation for Muslims who are financially stable. Islam has set some obligations on the Muslims that they must need to follow, otherwise they will be held questionable on the day of judgement. These obligations are there for a reason, and there are number of Benefits And Teachings behind these. From the obligation of Praying 5 Times a day to the obligatory fasting and Qurbani, there are certain teachings behind all of them. Qurbani, an act of sacrificing animals that Muslims practice every year also come with a strong message and teachings. Qurbani comes with the message of empathy, emphasizing on compassion and importance of generosity and sharing with the less fortunate people around us. Today, in this article, we will recall what Qurbani Teaches us as Muslims.


Compassion: The Essence Of Qurbani

The soul of Qurbani lies in the compassion, which is the essence of Qurbani. Compassion is the core of Qurbani, reminding Muslims to empathize with the less fortunate. According to the guidelines Islam has set that we have to follow in order to our Qurbani to be accepted, sharing meat with the less fortunate is crucial aspect of Qurbani. This teaches that our own need should not be the only priority but we should also prioritize the needs of those who look up to our help. The whole concept of Qurbani revolves around the concept of empathy and compassion. When Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) was ready to sacrifice his only son in Allah’s name it was the test of his compassion and willingness to sacrifice his dearest thing for Allah. In return, Allah replaced his son Prophet Ismail (A.S) with a Sheep, and from that day, his sacrifice is Celebrated Every Year. This is the reward of compassion and empathy, if you are ready to give up your dearest things for Allah, Allah will reward you in unimaginable ways.

Obedience And Submission

Central part of Qurbani is obedience and submission to Allah’s command. Allah ordered Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) to sacrifice his own son in the way of Allah and he submitted to Allah’s command. Every year Qurbani comes with the reminder that nothing in this world can be dearer to you more than Allah’s will. Even if you don’t understand the reason behind it, if it’s Allah’s command, you should obey it. Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) has set the greatest example in this regard. Allah ordered Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) to sacrifice his son in his way, and he was ready to do so, without asking any questions. This should be the spirit of every Muslim to sacrifice anything he owns to gain Allah’s blessings. Qurbani teaches us the importance of faith and trusting in Allah’s plan even when you can’t comprehend it.

Gratitude and Thankfulness on his Blessings

Qurbani is the best way to express our gratitude and thankfulness for the abundance of His Blessings we have in our lives. Qurbani allows us to express our gratitude towards Allah by sacrificing in his way and sharing our blessings with the people around us. Being financially stable and able to afford Qurbani is something we should be very thankful of. Realizing that there are a lot of people around us who can’t afford to buy meat on the daily basis and sharing meat with them is a way of Thankfulness And Gratitude. Qurbani teaches us that if you have abundance of any blessing in your life, the best way of showing gratitude is to share your blessings with others.